"It’s time to stop playing it safe when it comes to UI Design"

A Potato UI Designer talks about her career path, from animating music videos with Paint to immersive installations

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From 'SimCity' to augmented reality: my "accidental" route to UX design

Potato senior UX designer talks about his career path, from his humble MS-DOS days to working in our San Francisco office

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An outsider’s perspective on agency life

A career as a journalist turned out to be good training for talking about the work and culture at a company like Potato


What's key to designing a successful app?

Here's what you can do to give your new app its best chance to thrive

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How we use company talks to spread ideas, skills, and passions

Potato Talks are informal opportunities for us to chat about the things that inspire, entertain, inform and challenge us - in and out of work

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How Django Girls is fighting to make a global space for women in tech

Frustrated with the gender imbalance in I.T, two programmers decided to build a worldwide community to empower women to code

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How we built a bot to manage our office pool games

Poolbot is a Slack client for pool connoisseurs - and it now runs the (competitive) show