Start with purpose: how everyone can be an entrepreneur

How can you embody an entrepreneurial spirit in your business whatever stage you're at? Joint-CEO Scott Ewings shares his tips.

People & Culture

Grow your own: Olly Matthews

Business Development Director and sports addict Olly Matthews writes for Australian sports mag, The Roar, in his spare time.

People & Culture

My Potato work experience: Tahjah-Alizé Aksinoglu

Tahjah is a year 11 student at a school in London. She joined the Potato team this week to learn all about the goings on in a digital product development studio.


The Incidental Physics Engine

Senior developer, Luke Benstead, shares his experience of creating a somewhat incidental physics engine

People & Culture

Grow your own: Rob Charlwood

Rob Charlwood is a developer based at our Bristol studio who makes small scale models in his spare time.


The challenges of legacy tech infrastructure

Software is complex, and, given enough time, someone will be able to find vulnerabilities and ultimately penetrate it...

People & Culture

Book lovers of Potato

To celebrate Book Lovers Day, we reviewed books that have had an influence on our work and lives...

People & Culture

Homegrown: My week of work experience at Potato

What Tom Haines, secondary school student, learned when he returned to Potato for work experience this month

People & Culture

Grow your own: Taavi Kelle

Taavi is a designer based at our Bristol Studio who's dedicated a good chunk of his spare time to a side project that brings his passion for music and design together.

People & Culture

Grow your own: Will Thomson

Senior Developer, Will Thomson, recently took a day out each week for 4 months to learn the craft of woodworking.