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Grow your own: Javi Manzano

Senior developer and comic fan, Javi Manzano, builds his own solution to the conundrum of how to keep your comics close at all times.

People & Culture

My Potato Experience

Tom Gauld is a year 10 student at Cams Hill school who joined us this week to learn more about the workings of a digital product development studio...

People & Culture

Grow your own: Philip Lackmaker

Philip Lackmaker is a senior UX designer at our Bristol studio. He works on graphic design projects for fun in his spare time.


Toys "R" Us and the failure to play

Pure brick and mortar retail businesses may be as good as a one-way ticket to the retail graveyard...


Making your digital creations secure

How do organisations with no experience of technology create the secure digital products their customers need?


2018: The year cybersecurity will matter more than ever before

Was the news of Intel an indicator of a busy year ahead for the increasingly busy world of cybersecurity?


How we made Django migrations work on Google's schemaless Datastore

A walk through of how we integrated Google App Engine's schemalass Datastore with Django's migration framework


Auditing the design landscape: political websites in the UK

How do UK political party websites serve voters, the decided and undecided alike?


Looking Under The Hood of the UK Political Parties' Websites

An objective technical analysis of the main political parties in the UK

People & Culture

Potato Values - how our work is done

Potato CEO Jason explains the set of values that our work is carried out by, and how they have come to be.