People & Culture

Book lovers of Potato

To celebrate Book Lovers Day, we reviewed books that have had an influence on our work and lives...

People & Culture

Homegrown: My week of work experience at Potato

What Tom Haines, secondary school student, learned when he returned to Potato for work experience this month

People & Culture

Grow your own: Taavi Kelle

Taavi is a designer based at our Bristol Studio who's dedicated a good chunk of his spare time to a side project that brings his passion for music and design together.

People & Culture

Grow your own: Will Thomson

Senior Developer, Will Thomson, recently took a day out each week for 4 months to learn the craft of woodworking.

People & Culture

Grow your own: François Hoehl

François Hoehl is a front end developer at Potato who alongside collaborator, Sinead Doyle, created a VR 'Where's Wally' style game with a twist...


The Right to Play: Accessibility in Gaming

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018, Ian Hamilton, a specialist in games accessibility, chats to Potato.

People & Culture

Two CEOs are better than one

Announcing a new joint-CEO for Potato, grown from our own leadership team.

Project Management

Why every team is better with a coach

A coach’s primary role — irrespective of who they work for or the sector they’re in — is to enhance the performance of an individual or team.

People & Culture

Grow your own: Javi Manzano

Senior developer and comic fan, Javi Manzano, builds his own solution to the conundrum of how to keep your comics close at all times.