People & Culture

Grow your own: Will Thomson

Senior Developer, Will Thomson, recently took a day out each week for 4 months to learn the craft of woodworking.

People & Culture

Grow your own: François Hoehl

François Hoehl is a front end developer at Potato who alongside collaborator, Sinead Doyle, created a VR 'Where's Wally' style game with a twist...


The Right to Play: Accessibility in Gaming

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018, Ian Hamilton, a specialist in games accessibility, chats to Potato.

People & Culture

Two CEOs are better than one

Announcing a new joint-CEO for Potato, grown from our own leadership team.

Project Management

Why every team is better with a coach

A coach’s primary role — irrespective of who they work for or the sector they’re in — is to enhance the performance of an individual or team.

People & Culture

Grow your own: Javi Manzano

Senior developer and comic fan, Javi Manzano, builds his own solution to the conundrum of how to keep your comics close at all times.

People & Culture

My Potato Experience

Tom Gauld is a year 10 student at Cams Hill school who joined us this week to learn more about the workings of a digital product development studio...

People & Culture

Grow your own: Philip Lackmaker

Philip Lackmaker is a senior UX designer at our Bristol studio. He works on graphic design projects for fun in his spare time.


Toys "R" Us and the failure to play

Pure brick and mortar retail businesses may be as good as a one-way ticket to the retail graveyard...