Tahjah and Marco looking at a laptop screen
Tahjah and developer, Marco, take a look at Tahjah's Django Girls tutorial work

Tahjah is a year 11 student at a school in London. She joined the Potato team this week to learn all about the goings on in a digital product development studio. we caught up with her about how her week went...

What attracted you to do work experience with Potato?

I study Computer Science and Graphic Design at school. I wanted to do work experience in an organisation connected to these subjects to gain more knowledge of the skills I would need to progress in this field.

What have you been up to this week, have you had a chance to work across design and development?

During my week at Potato, I followed a Django Girls tutorial which taught me new skills and helped me gain confidence in writing code. The Django Girls tutorial is easy to follow and helpful, by the end of it I created an effective website.

I have attended a number of meetings with different members of the Potato team. I talked to coaches, the commercial team, developers, designers and Potato’s people team. They gave me an insight into their roles and explained the challenges and benefits you get from them.

Has your experience helped you make a decision?

I’ve made some progress about the sort of career I would like, however I am a little confused, I don’t know whether I would like to be a designer or developer. The work at Potato is absolutely FANTASTIC and of a very high standard.

What has surprised you about working at a product development studio?

The relationship between the Potato team is really close. The team are extremely friendly and welcoming. The vibe is very relaxed and everyone is really helpful and funny.

The products Potato have developed and designed are really unique and interesting, which was really surprising. The wide range of lunch, drinks and snacks are really nice as well!

What is your biggest take away learning from this week?

I have gained extra knowledge and experience of how life is like as a developer and designer. I have also learnt that you don’t have to be either a designer or developer, you can be both. I met Aisling Foley, a senior designer in the Potato team who does a mixture of both development and design. She really inspired me as she is intelligent and creative and gave me some wise words from a female perspective. This motivated me to fulfil my opportunities and push myself to follow my dream career path.

Good luck with your studies, Tahjah!