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We’re Potato — a digital product development studio. Our unique and award winning human-centred approach to developing engaging voice experiences is representative of who we are at our core: an ambitious bunch of engineers, designers and strategists who believe that every interaction is an opportunity to provide people true, enduring value.

We’ve interfaced with voice for:

Our approach

We dovetail our engineering expertise with strategic user experience design to get the most of voice experiences. While we could try to wow you with all the jargon, we know that doesn’t matter — when people interact with a voice experience, they will require an authentic, engaging value added experience, or they’ll just walk away. Our approach is designed to ensure you develop advocates for your experience, not frustrated adversaries.

We take a human-centred purposeful and effective approach. We achieve that through rapid, lean hypothesis validation. We build partnerships with clients and brands to tackle audacious tasks together. Our collaborative process is simple:

Extracting insights and validating your hypothesis.

We’ll work with you to extract insights from your stakeholders and users to create a testable hypothesis, which we’ll prototype at appropriate fidelity to see if the arrow’s pointed in the right direction.

Build, ship and iterate.

Working in sprints, we continuously validate results and fine tune the work.

Rinse & repeat.

Get it out into the world and collect the data. Continuous improvement. That’s what it’s all about.