Getting Business Online

Getting Business Online sits at the heart of a worldwide initiative, spearheaded by Google. At the centre of this is a Potato-made platform that enables multiple markets to create and update a website that aims to inspire small businesses to take their first steps online. Local sites offer free advice and other incentives (a free web address and free online advertising in some regions), and showcase success stories from SMEs that have already benefitted from the scheme.

Potato's platform supports multiple, locally-provided front-end designs, multiple languages, and gives each locale a management system for handling crucial user data.

  • Flexible content management system
  • Platform tracks user data, supports A/B testing and provides downloadable reports
  • Automated integration with multiple external APIs, including Google Places, Google Docs and regional partners
  • Highly-targetable, automated email campaign delivery system
  • Local event management system registering attendees and managing capacities
  • User management system for big, complicated markets with multiple partners
  • Bespoke front-ends created based on locally provided designs
Getting Business Online

What does the client think?

We had a tough deadline to meet and Potato worked around-the-clock to deliver an updated look to Get Your Business Online (, which includes new CMS functionality making it much simpler manage. This will be increasingly important as our initiative to help small businesses get online expands across the Untied States. I look forward to working with Potato again.

Potato worked around-the-clock on key market launches like Spain, Germany and the UK, helping deliver bespoke regional functionality and implementing locally designed front-ends. The flexible CMS they've built allows us to launch new markets quickly, crucial given the significance of the Getting Business Online initiative.

What are people saying?

63% of America's small businesses do not have a website at all. This is a missed opportunity in my view. So we started an initiative to help small business get online - partnering with Intuit and others.

Getting Aussie Business Online is a nationwide campaign from Google and MYOB to give a free website to more than 50,000 Australian small businesses. It’s designed to knock down the common barriers to small businesses getting online by making it easy, quick, and free to set up and maintain a website.

For most businesses, having a presence online is no longer an optional extra: it's an essential part of business in the 21st century.

This is just the beginning of our commitment to get businesses on the web and succeeding online. Today, small businesses throughout the U.S. can get online for free at Businesses get a free, easy-to-build website as well as a free, customized domain name and web hosting for one year. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free.