Google Engage

Google's Engage platform was created to manage Google's relationship with partner agencies, and allows these third-parties to recruit their own partners via a promotion distribution system that delivers promotional AdWords trial credits. Engage provides an overview for marketeers, the platform encompassing automated processes that previously cost hundreds of administrative hours every week.

Engage supports multiple markets (including right-to-left languages) and incorporates local market training systems to enhance the experience for partners. Controlled by a comprehensive, multi-region CMS, the platform is one of the most complex Google App Engine apps ever built.

  • Automates and joins-up business critical processes - saving hundreds of hours weekly
  • Adheres to Google's visual design guidelines, security processes and production standards passing stringent reviews for each
  • Comprehensive, flexible CMS gives control and visibility to teams in local markets, including the ability to localise
  • Automated, secure AdWords coupon distribution system for partner agents
  • Training modules for resellers and AdWords newcomers
  • Library of resources which Engage agents can access promoting wide-ranging Google products
Google Engage


What does the client think?

The Engage initiative is hugely important for Google, and Potato have worked tirelessly to deliver multiple market launches for this sophisticated system across the globe. At the same time, they've also been building upon the app's functionality, expanding the possibilities for our agency partners.