Making digital for real life.

Shaping the physical world through interactions with digital experiences.

We deliberately design for context, environment, and user outcomes, delivering products that allow people to interact with the world around them more effectively, making things better.

We’ve brought museums’ perfectly preserved exhibits back to life through immersive digital experiences. We’ve enhanced art galleries’ paintings and sculptures by adding contextual audio. We’ve supported immersive events for some of the world’s biggest technology companies and we’ve developed conversational experiences for some of the most progressive technologies available today.

Connecting the digital and physical world is a huge opportunity for designers and engineers to explore beyond the constraints of a traditional supporting website or mobile app. At Potato, we love the challenge and are working with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver it:

Case study

Tate Mobile Apps

We worked with Tate to tackle one of their visitors’ biggest pain points: not knowing which pieces of artwork in the vast collections they should see.

While the Tate offers guided tours, they are only available at certain times of the day and not always in every language. With countless artworks on display by a huge list of artists, it’s easy to understand why many visitors wouldn't know where to start. How did we resolve this? By building an audio tour feature in the existing Tate app.

Potato built short-form audio content triggered by beacons for each hall of the Tate galleries. The content was developed in close collaboration with artists and collection curators and was designed to give visitors an additional layer of contextual information about individual pieces of art. Not only can visitors now spend more time looking at the impressive artworks in the gallery, the Android and iOS app also gives audio directions to guide to the next piece of the tour so they don’t miss any of the greatest pieces.