Validating and iterating.

As proud of the way we work as the work itself

Our approach is simple and proven: we establish a hypothesis worth testing. To prove or disprove a hypothesis and ensure confidence in what we’re building, we design a series of experiments or prototypes.

We get real users to test the prototypes we build. From there we gain valuable, actionable insight and iterate the prototype until it’s working effectively and we have validated the basic functionality so it can be launched into market.

Once any product is live in market, we test and refine using exactly the same approach - continual validation, continual improvement, continual tweaking to deliver the original hypothesis more effectively.

All the while, we do this by building a hyper-focused collaborative product team with you. We marry our expertise and passion for building products with your own.

Case study

Royal Bank of Scotland

Helping RBS to continue to be appreciated for a ‘digital first’ approach by their customers. We rapidly digitised the trade guarantee application process.

Potato was briefed to develop a digitised application process for trade guarantees. This involved rapidly turning a prototype into a fully coded MVP.

The existing application process for trade guarantees was entirely paper-based, processed manually, and very error-prone.

Transforming this process into an effective digital experience was an urgent priority - confronting familiar financial services challenges - legacy systems, regulation and risk management.

Our team organised a series of workshops to unpack and understand the problem: the product, the users, the various cases, and the user journeys. We set up an agile production team, who re-designed and built the service over four one-week sprints.

The immediate result was an easier application process, much faster turnaround times, and greater visibility of the application process. It all adds up to huge cost savings, with an enhanced customer experience, improved data quality and a better brand perception from customers.