We're on the look out for talented individuals to join our rapidly growing technical and management teams. Working on massive scale projects for the biggest tech and media companies, with some of the best developers in town, Potato takes pride in providing a rewarding and enjoyable place to ply your trade.

Have a read of this, it's not the usual yada yada...

Working Here


The company is open, flat and self-organising by design because of how we've grown from a single developer. Everyone has access to pretty much everything, apart from your own job application details and the accounts. We cherrypick aspects of our culture from startups as well as influential larger organisation such as Google & Toyota.

Also unusual is the mix of projects you'll get to pick from. Some are large, sturdy products that have been going as long as the company has, whereas others are built around campaigns with tough external deadlines and last as little as a few days. We also have a suite of custom-built internal tools you'll probably want to contribute to.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from the internal employee survey 'Potageist', which we run each year...

Jovial, bright, liberal... pretty awesome
I enjoy the general lack of bulls**t
I just love it. People here are incredible.


Our relaxed and airy offices are designed for developers and we aim to foster a perfect environment for producing the best code, as efficiently as possible. Centrally located in London and Bristol our offices are a far cry from the norm, and include things like retro arcade machines, fancy coffee makers and big monitors, not to mention a pool table, table tennis, chess sets, the dart board and giant Jenga.

Well-stocked fridges and snacks are also close at hand and lunch is free. We make prolific use of video conferencing and keep meetings to a minimum, freeing up time for making things instead.


As you can see, we're all about the code, but we also know how to kick-back and relax. Evenings out are a regular occurrence, but we also enjoy the odd beer-and-videogame session in the office. Extra-curricular activities also include movie nights, electronics club, climbing, paintball, go-karting, and the odd gig - we advise against the Honey Jack Daniels shots on a school night, however...

Every so often all the permanent staff vacate town entirely for an offsite, usually in the countryside, for a week of fresh air, cider and coding. Previous trips have included Thailand, New York, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Boulder, Las Vegas, Chelmsford, Austin, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Paris, Zurich, Dublin, Tokyo and elsewhere.


We employ the latest practices to make sure that your work works and is viewed by the outside world as quickly as possible. Everything is in the cloud (we own zero servers) and everybody deploys. You choose exactly what setup you want (OSX, Linux, Windows, whatever) and what software you'd like to use to access our tools.

We love open source software and regularly contribute to existing projects as well as licensing our own work for review and collaboration.

Steven's talk at DjangoCon touches on our developer culture with, of course, a Django twist.


Try before you buy

Considering a job application? If you'd like to, we'd be only too happy for you to spend a couple of days with us in the office, so you can judge first-hand what working here is going to be like. Just mention that you'd like to spend some time with us during the application process and we'll make all the arrangements.