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Our work

The work we produce reflects our ambition: to create effective and purposeful digital products that exceed our clients’ needs, while building a more meaningful tomorrow.


Unlocking App Growth for LUSH with Potato Radar

Providing strategic advice on the LUSH digital product roadmap through a comprehensive evaluation of the app’s interface and functionality.
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • E-Commerce
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The hands-on physical therapist that works from your home.

Enhancing user access and accelerating growth for a tech startup transforming online physiotherapy.
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Build
  • Start-up
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A digital solution that raises awareness of hate crime.

Creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to easily report hate crime, and seek support.
  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • UX
  • Design
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Protocol Labs

Web3.storage. An open source of inspiration.

Making it easier for developers to contribute towards the future of Web 3.0.
  • Web3
  • Build
  • Developers


Neurable and brain-computer interfaces. A sound evolution.

Headphones designed to remove everyday barriers, giving you greater control over how you live your life.
  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • UX
  • Design

Natural History Museum

The Blue Whale. A truly magnificent exhibition that comes to you.

Discover a spectacular web experience that brings The Natural History museum into your own home.
  • Design
  • UX
  • Build
natural-history-vertical natural-history-horizontal


A ground-breaking experience using technology to enrich storytelling

Explore an immersive story as innovative as any Wallace & Gromit gadget.
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • AR
  • UX
  • Build
fictioneers-vertical fictioneers-horizontal


Helping kids feel good online in the face of rising cyberbullying

Developing an app for children to take care of themselves and their friends in an ever-connected online world.
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Brand
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We're proud to be trusted by

  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Medable
  • Natural History Museum
  • Mozilla
  • Vodafone
  • Activision
  • YouTube
  • BBC
  • unicef

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