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We partner with companies looking for more purposeful outcomes. Our people and values, together with our innovation expertise, inspire teams to make a difference in the products they create.

How we can help you

Validate your ideas and align your stakeholders

We'll deliver a validated prototype, scope of first release, benefits case and delivery approach.

Create indispensable products and services for your customers

Through differentiated design language, we'll craft elegant, intuitive and accessible interfaces that customers love.

Launch new products and services with greater return on investment

A dedicated team will develop performant, scalable and secure technology, conducting frequent validation and iteration to create a more effective product.


Testimonial from Patrick Singer, Google Digital Academy, Google

“The things you have built are great! I can truly say that you've been a fantastic partner to work with. You gently nudged us when you felt it was right for what we were trying to achieve, you always focused on quality and you always communicated with transparency… I would definitely recommend Potato.”

We're proud to be trusted by

  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Medable
  • Natural History Museum
  • Mozilla
  • Vodafone
  • Activision
  • YouTube
  • BBC
  • unicef

How we get there

Turn challenges into change

We help you to define the “why” of your product, translating your vision and values into bold ideas and meaningful user experiences.

Minimum lovable product

We only develop what makes a product uniquely valuable, which means it's one that users will love - with less effort.

Outcomes over output

We work closely with you to define objectives and measures. These 'guiding lights' ensure we stay deeply invested in the product and its outcomes.

Validation throughout

We conduct lean experiments and frequent testing, staying aligned with your users' needs as well as your own business goals.

Ongoing iteration

Frequent iteration in short loops will make your product more effective.

Dedicated, multidisciplinary teams

We carefully design product teams, combining the best of our talent with yours to create a dedicated, empowered and hands-on collaboration.

Transparency and trust

Throughout the process, we make both our work and our team available to you. We embed a client-side product owner into our team for complete transparency, and a seamless partnership.

Quality code, the right way

We leverage managed infrastructure, modern frameworks, open-source software and continuous testing and deployment. This allows us to develop secure, scalable and performant technology efficiently.

Our work

Our work


Unlocking App Growth for LUSH with Potato Radar

Providing strategic advice on the LUSH digital product roadmap through a comprehensive evaluation of the app’s interface and functionality.
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • E-Commerce
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LUSH Card Horizontal


A digital solution that raises awareness of hate crime.

Creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to easily report hate crime, and seek support.
  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • UX
  • Design
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We're always excited to hear from visionary clients wanting a digital product expert to create solutions that connect with their audience in a more effective, relevant and meaningful way.