Building for people first.

Continual insight, continual improvement.

We test everything with target users in as close to real-world use as possible, leaving no scenario unvalidated. We do this from initial prototypes through to iterating the product live in market.

From writing open source code to improving how we support translated content to helping to enable machine learning in the medical research space, we care about using technology for better purposes.

We’re not just thinkers, we are makers and doers. This comes directly from our 8 year heritage in digital engineering. We think about the outcomes for every line of code we write or every pixel we push, and we test them with human beings throughout.

The result? We launch bespoke, effective and satisfying products that deliver the desired outcomes for the likes of:

Case study

Android Developers

Potato collaborates with Google to manage and deliver a complete rethink and overhaul for the vital Android Developer resource centre.

Android Developers, or, is Google’s central resource for official documentation on how to build Android apps.

The goal was to implement a full relaunch of the entire resource, improving design, increasing user engagement and migrating existing data to a new content delivery platform. Potato’s work has touched many key aspects of the vital relationship between Google and the developer community. We’ve done this by taking a valued resource to the next level — we've increased its effectiveness and profile

It also means the foundations have been solidly laid for the future evolution of the platform — a standardised structure within which to explore more creative methods for communicating new important information and best practices to developers.