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Developing a strategy to launch Neurable's Enten. The world’s smartest headphones.


From initial brand positioning to nationwide launch, we helped bring a revolutionary product to market.


How do we introduce a set of headphones measuring brain activity in a way consumers can understand the benefits?

Born from over a decade of neuroscience research, Enten is able to measure brain activity via EEG sensors in the set’s cups. Sounds pretty great, but what does that mean for the user? Quite a lot when the headphones enable listeners to maximise their 2-3 hours of high productivity each day. All while minimising distractions and muting notifications to keep them in the flow.

Neurable workshop photo 1


Testimonial from Ramses Alcaide, CEO + Co-founder of Neurable

“To me, this is the promise of brain-computer interfaces: to not only improve our lives, but to create a world without limitations.”
Neurable image 2 Neurable workshop photo 2


We worked closely with the Neurable team as we developed an innovative value proposition, undertook product discovery, and got an acute sense of customer pain points and market sizing. We also delved into brand positioning, plus UI and product features.

The biggest opportunity though was identifying Neurable’s core target market.

Finally, we wanted to showcase Enten headphones as an important step in commercialising neurotechnology, paving the way for future consumer-centric products from Neurable.

Neurable image 4


Who better to speak to than young, tech-savvy professionals passionate about enhancing their ability to focus, as well as track their daily health data?

We set out to communicate the headset’s benefits by illustrating how the technology improved the lives of its user - simply by listening to their favourite playlist.

Enten, in many ways, is a direct response to the tech industry’s inability to connect technology to daily life. The introduction of this product affirms that a human-centric approach to innovation is possible, and necessary.

Neurable image 5
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Enten’s launch is an important first step in changing how we connect to the devices in our lives. Technology’s purpose is ultimately to solve society’s biggest challenges. In the years to come, neuroscience will allow us to interact with our devices in new ways.

Ideally, products will become more purposeful, enabling technology to solve important problems for both individuals and society at large. The development of BCI technology will mirror technology’s broader progression towards creating a world without limitations.

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