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Making it easier for developers to contribute towards the future of Web 3.0


Web3.storage from Protocol Labs is a developer platform designed to bring web 3.0 to the web. Its goal is to decentralise and simplify storage accessibility and make it easier for developers to store their data on the filecoin storage network, encouraging developers to help build better, more future proof platforms - while promoting the benefits of open, cryptographically verifiable and portable protocols. Simply put, it’s a very human, collaborative solution to something very complex and technological.


The focus of Web3.storage has been on making it simpler for developers and end users to utilise IPFS content addressing with their data, without compromising on performance. (IPFS is like a URL for data, but doesn’t lock you into how a certain provider supplies that data. Rather, the URL is a cryptographic hash of your data and anyone on the web that has that information can provide it to you.)

Though Web3.storage was created out of an innovation-seeking hackathon, some key features were initially missing, especially when taking scaling into account. ‘IPFS file pinning’ was a much requested feature by early adopters of the Web3.storage platform.

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We set out to implement our skills on a very challenging brief, in a short amount of time, designing the architecture and implementing solutions for users to pin their data on web3.storage.

Joining forces with Protocol Lab’s engineering team, we aimed to use our digital expertise to build a quality product with meticulous architecture, delivering a complex piece of functionality.

Born out of Google, with 10 years of web development, Potato understands the end user audience very well. For us, this was a chance to create something that would have a positive impact on the future of the web.

User Interface Web3 Storage


Our focus was on building new features and stabilising the platform. We leveraged our engineering expertise and process, extending web3.storage while creating solid functionality. We also built new APIs and products already impacting web3.storage's users.

Contributions to the new platform allows apps to break out of siloed services, eliminating lock-in while enabling greater portability of apps and user data. Plus, web3.storage alongside other storage solutions now offer adjacent developer tools that greatly simplify the integration of these services.



Content addressed user-centric protocols like IPFS, DID, and UCAN are changing the web. Web3.storage is a cornerstone platform, striving to outperform its competitors by inspiring (and guiding) developers in their journey to build applications using pioneering protocols.

Data will be controlled less and less by a handful of major entities. The unshifting goalpost is to continually increase user trust by decentralising data storage.

Ultimately, data retrieval will become easy-to-use, while remaining highly performant and reliable. A web/web3.0 solution that’s also a win/win for every user.

Our involvement in a somewhat unchartered and rapidly emerging space has given us an astute understanding of the latest developments in this area. We’re now even better equipped to contribute towards future innovations in web3, and are proud to have added this to our skillsets in pioneering digital expertise.

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